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Setting up a Green Branch

Lately, I've been working on short chores. Most of them can be finished in an hour or less. To keep my productivity high, while waiting for the CI test for said chore, I would start another chore. At the time I finished the second chore and the first chore's tests were all green, I need to submit a merge request and wait for the approvals. That is another waiting time, which means that I can start the third chore while waiting for the second chore's tests to finish. Working with git means that every chore will start on its own branch. Usually, my workflow when starting a new branch was like this: Checked out the master branch, Pulled the latest commits from remote repository, Looked for the latest green tag (which is a commit in master that has passed the latest test), Copy that tag name, Check out the tag, And finally check out a new branch from that tag. Those are the 6 steps to do for just a chore. Imagine that for like 5 chores a day, I can have 30 steps to repeat eve