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Using Value Object as an ActiveRecord Attribute

Two weeks ago, I was working on a simple task, to add a query param for embed url. This embed url is actually url of content page from the main service, which I also contribute to. So I am very familiar with its url's pattern and the way it works. While my task was just to add a query param, I found a that I had to add it to 2 different classes. The good engineer part of me believed that it is an unnecessary redundancy, and something, somewhere should get the touch of refactoring. Dived deeper i saw that the problem was in attempt to validate the url. These 2 classes uses almost similar but slightly different logic. One of them only needs to validate a livestreaming url, and the other needs to validate  both livestreaming and vod urls. In my first few attempts, I wrote a couple of validator classes, and I even tried to use ActiveSupport::Concern to wrap the validators. But something keep telling me, "Hey, this doesn't feel right, but that one doesn't either." &q